Well, Insurance Brokers are specialists in their industry. All they do is buy and sell insurance. Most of them have years of experience and they would instantly know what type of policy would suit the policyholder the best. They can also access markets that it just isn’t possible to access ‘direct’.

Insurance Brokers are incredibly passionate about what they do. They like to know their clients personally, and although they may not always be able to arrange you the ‘cheapest’ policy, they will always find you a policy that covers what you need. And if for any reason they are unable to find a policy that suits your needs, then they will tell you so. They would probably go on to recommend another broker that specialises in the type of cover you are looking for.

If you like to deal with a professional that has an incredible product knowledge, and that will never outsource their call centres, then I would suggest you look at our website and discover what we can do for you!

Claims is what you buy when you buy insurance. It is the promise to pay when you need it. You don’t know how good your insurance is until you have a claim. We know claims can be stressful. This is why we brokers aim to be with you every step of the way. Our objective is to ensure that valid and fair claims are paid, paid as quickly as possible and that our customers get what they are entitled to. We don’t expect you to be an insurance expert. When you have a claim we will tell you what will happen next and what we need to do.

We have a very large panel of insurers we use to make sure we are getting the best possible deal for you and most importantly making sure the correct cover is in place. We at Launch Insurance use insurers that have already been tried and tested, that pay claims and offer the type of care, attention to detail and service you require when the worse happens.

We work for you the customer rather than the insurers so our main job is to make sure you are receiving the prices available without inflicting any unnecessary admin charges. Our insurer panel ranges from the standard household and motor insurer up to the best of the best for high net worth and sports professionals.

Although we can’t promise to save you money, we have managed on many cases to either save our customers money with better cover or come close to the premium you already have but again offer better cover than your usual “online” company.

Using a broker releases the stress and time consuming energy you waste searching the internet comparison websites, no one reads the small print and no one likes to read through the policy booklets, that’s where we come into it. We know our insurers and what type of cover they offer, we know their cancellation charges if they have any, and we give our advice and the options as to which insurer to choose. We handle all claims on your behalf which in theory saves you money and time on the phone to those dreaded call centres abroad!