Why You Need Launch Household Insurance

With much of the UK spending more time at home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we realise just how important our homes really are. For many athletes, spending more time on the road and seeing home less and less often the more matches that are won, has become the normal way of life. But spending this extra time at home lately, might have you thinking about your home and how it is protecting both you and your family. In these uncertain times, that sense of security is worth more than any material possessions.

     Still, it’s those material possessions that you have worked so hard for and they also need protection against the outside world. That is where household insurance from Launch Insurance comes in. if anything were to happen to your valuable possessions, Launch Insurance’s Household Insurance would have you covered.

Bespoke Household Insurance Cover

     From jewellery, fine art and sporting memorabilia, to valuable antiques, or purchase of your new home, the insurance brokers at Launch Insurance understand your needs and can provide the bespoke household insurance cover you need. In fact, Launch Insurance has access to some of the top household insurers in the UK and can find one that is the right fit for you.

Access To More Insurers

     Launch Insurance is better than an online insurance comparison site because we have access to insurers that you won’t typically find on those sites, or anywhere else for that matter. That means extended cover, increased benefits and excellent claims services that are exclusive to Launch Insurance clients.

Personalised Service

     At Launch Insurance, we know that your time is valuable and our client managers are standing by to assist you with your household insurance needs and to advise you on what specific level of cover you need as well as any security measures you should be taking to reduce your risk of unwanted loss.

     When you need the industry’s best household insurance cover for your home or valuable possessions, choose the only luxury insurance provider chosen by more professional athletes, celebrities and more, choose Launch Insurance today.

Contact Launch Insurance

     To learn more reasons you need insurance for your home or valuable possessions, contact Launch Insurance and speak with an experienced insurance professional about your coverage needs today.

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