4 Reasons You Need Insurance For Your Luxury Car

Over the years there has been an increase of people buying luxury cars. With easy financing options and various attractive deals, getting a high end vehicle is more convenient to do. Even so, luxury cars are still valuable assets that must be covered by dependable insurance policies. Because of the significant discrepancy in values between luxury cars and regular cars, specialised insurance coverage for luxury cars is a must. This means finding a reputable insurance broker that understands your particular motor insurance needs and that has the experience in arranging policies in the High net worth car sector.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some reasons why you should get the best insurance policy for your luxury car:

Agreed Value- one important benefit of getting your insurance policy  from Launch Insurance for your luxury car is that, in the event of a total write-off, the specialist insurers used by Launch Insurance offer an agreed value benefit or new car replacements on their policies. This means that where most insurance policies will pay the market value of the car at the time of the loss (based on an average of what your car is worth on the market at that particular time) you will be paid out based on the value of your car agreed with insurers at the time your policy is taken out.

 Repair And Recovery Costs- while regular cars are mass-produced, super cars and luxury cars are meticulously hand-crafted to deliver high-levels of performance. There are components and materials that are not used in regular vehicles, therefore making luxury cars more complex and expensive to repair. This means the cost of repairing a damaged luxury car is comparatively higher, even a minor accident could cause extensive damage to both external and internal components which has increased repair costs.   

Roadside Assistance- luxury cars are designed to be reliable, but despite regular maintenance, we never know what’s around the corner, It’s possible for a regular car to be repaired roadside or towed, but luxury cars require specialised tools and towing equipment, and company authorised service centres. With the policies Launch Insurance offer, as the insured you will get the choice of where you want the vehicle to be recovered to and repaired. Where time is so important, this means you can choose somewhere you trust and where is more convenient to you rather than travelling to and from an approved repairer.

Personalised claims handling – one big concern among luxury car owners is the how their claim will be handled. We have a specialist, dedicated claims partner who will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your repairs are carried out in a timely manner and that a like for like courtesy vehicle is provided. We will notify both insurers of the claim, arrange collection of your vehicle, transport the vehicle to a luxury car garage specialist and provide constant updates.

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