3 Types Of UK Car Insurance Coverage

It can be extremely exciting to buy a new car, but getting a car insurance is much less exciting. Here in the United Kingdom, car insurance is a necessity when motorists drive on public roads. It’s considered illegal to drive without proper insurance, carrying a fine up to £5,000. Motorists can be potentially disqualified if they accumulate enough penalty points.

There are three levels of car insurance in the United Kingdom:

Third-Party Only Insurance (TPO)- it’s the basic level of coverage for motorists. TPO protects other people, vehicles, and properties if you are deemed at fault in the event of an accident. However, TPO doesn’t cover your own injuries or car damage. Although TPO only provides partial coverage, it still prevents excessive financial consequences due to an accident.

Third-Party, Fire And Theft (TPFT)- TPFT is the next level of car insurance coverage. Other people, vehicles, and properties are covered if you are at fault. In addition, TPFT also provides coverage if your car is damaged by fire or stolen. It’s cheaper than comprehensive insurance policy, but slightly more expensive than TPO. It is recommended to choose TPFT if your car is still relatively new and the risk of theft is high.

Comprehensive Car Insurance- it provides the most complete coverage for motorists. It compensates a third party in an accident and it also covers damage and injuries to yourself. You are still eligible for car repair and medical coverage, whether you are at fault or not. Just like TPFT, comprehensive coverage also protects motorists against fire damage and theft. Because comprehensive insurance provides the best coverage, the premium is the most expensive among the three.

     Although comprehensive provides the best coverage, you are still not protected against everything. If motorists are found driving under the influence, the insurance coverage will be invalidated. It could result in criminal conviction and jail time if the accident caused serious injuries or death. Motorists with poor safety habits are not eligible for claims, although they have comprehensive coverage. If the investigation finds that the motorists were careless, it’s less likely that they will receive pay-out. General maintenance and upkeep are essential for eligibility. If accidents are caused by poor maintenance, the insurer won’t cover repairs and medical expenses. If motorists drive someone else’s car, they are not eligible for insurance coverage.

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